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Do I really need a Content Managed Website (CMS Website)

It is purely down to you, if you need to update offers frequently, have lots of seasonal variants, regularly need to change products or services, or you simply want lots of options, then CMS is for you. Your changes are instantly published on the web, if you don't like it, simply change it again. Often CMS sites are sold because customers fear amendment charges, at New leaf Web Design we give ALL of our customers 45 minutes of FREE amendments to text and images every month.

Getting a Content Managed Website ( CMS ) Doesn't have to be hard work

Content Management Systems, known as CMS, are web based software programs that are used to manage the written and image content of websites. If you have a CMS website you can add, edit and remove text, image content and pages. You can create a new page on your site, add text content and images . All our CMS websites are individually designed and once completed to your satisfaction, we will arrange training (included in the cost) to give you and your staff the skills necessary to manage the content of your website.

There is no real 'best CMS' solution, it is more the best CMS is the one that matches your requirements, budget and the type of website you are looking to deploy. New Leaf Web Design Plymouth aim to find the 'best fit' when using our Web Design skills to create a CMS website for your business or organisation by ensuring we have a full understanding your requirements. If you would like to know more about how New Leaf Web Design could help you with a CMS Website please call for more information

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Website design is about appealing to your potential customers, your website needs to be an interesting experience and create the desire to contact you.

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It's not enough just to create rich content websites, your new website has to be of use. Everything we do is designed to help get you to the top of the rankings.

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It's a fact of life that a great looking and informative website is essential these days. It's also true that finding one that meets your budget and is cost effective.

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Our creative website design comes from the relationships we build with our clients, by understanding their needs and delivering to exceed expectations.

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