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SEO or Website Optimisation So whats it really mean?

Most Web design Companies quote statistics & percentages these days, some are important and some are not. What we do at New Leaf Web Design is get the important ones to work harder for you. How Google ranks a website is constantly changing, sometimes quite drastically, and getting website place pages working harder for you is so key to a websites success.

New Leaf Web Design Concentrate on the Reality of Good SEO

The ranking is based on so many variables, but its important to focus on the right ones. If you have a flawed design or irrelevant coding, bad site map, poor place listing , lack of reviews, bad keyword density, the list goes on, depends on whether your site might appear or it might not

No one can guarantee a No 1 ranking with Google ~ quote from Google webmaster central . There are some that would make that claim, or that they have a partnership or special relationship with Google. That claim is simply not true, Google has no partners only resellers or people who sell Googles products for them. Achieving a good position will differ from one business type to another. The principles will always be the same, however, the competition for say electricans is far more than for wedding cakes in anytown UK. So we take care to make sure that you get the best possible chance to succeed.

 SEO Plymouth Website Seo Plymouth Websites Optimised Plymouth Creative Web Design

Website design is about appealing to your potential customers, your website needs to be an interesting experience and create the desire to contact you.

 SEO Plymouth Website Seo Plymouth Websites Optimised Plymouth Optimisation

It's not enough just to create rich content websites, your new website has to be of use. Everything we do is designed to help get you to the top of the rankings.

 SEO Plymouth Website Seo Plymouth Websites Optimised Plymouth Affordable Websites

It's a fact of life that a great looking and informative website is essential these days. It's also true that finding one that meets your budget and is cost effective.

 SEO Plymouth Website Seo Plymouth Websites Optimised Plymouth Valued Customers

Our creative website design comes from the relationships we build with our clients, by understanding their needs and delivering to exceed expectations.

New Leaf Web Design here to help